“If you’re always on the lookout for vintage melodically soft Rock n’ Roll servings of aural nostalgia, Look no further that the comforting tonality found within Fate the juggler’s single Looking for America. Their story-weaving soundscapes are incredibly efficacious when it comes to throwingyou into an era where indie offered authenticity, rhythm, and potent servings of catharsis.Any fans of The Doors, Hendrix and The Rolling Stones are sure to appreciate the bluesy stylised melodicism offered by Fate the Juggler” -Amelia Vandergast A&R/Factory.

“All the best bands have a period of hiatus and Fate the Juggler have been through a period ofsignificant transformation, however this journey has had a seriously happy ending as the new bandline up is a huge step forward. As I have said before, ‘foist this little gem of Kent on the world’ -it may be a slightly different gem now but it shines ever brighter. -Simon Goodale, Heard and Seen.

“The new line up is better than the original. This band has an edge, a bite and describes itself asindie rock. In fact, at the beginning of Shadows Falling I thought Judges was going to launch intoa  Hendrix riff. Spiers’ songs are as strong as ever but I’d like to think that this was the sound he had in his head when he founded the band. I think Fate the Juggler have a bright future ahead of them again.” - Dai Jeffries RNR Magazine.